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We help the accused by listening, preparing, protecting and caring. 


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The Law Offices of Maureen Williams has zealously represented the accused since 1993 beginning in Minneapolis. Ms. Williams has been vigorously representing those charged with crimes, from murder, to violent crimes, to misdemeanors, to DUIs. We help those accused of all crimes by listening, preparing, protecting, and caring.

Our pledge to you is that one, we will listen, every fact will be noted, and every possible issue will be raised. We will gather all the evidence, review the evidence together and as a team take it to court.

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What sets us apart?

Our pledge to you: We will listen to you. We will be prepared for you. We will be responsive to you. We will care for you. We will protect you.



We do what lawyers should do…we really listen to you. We listen carefully, as no one knows the facts better than you.



We will gather all the evidence, review the evidence together with you, and as a team figure out a strategy.



We are the shield against all the forces against you, and there are a lot. We will not only walk ahead of you, guiding you, but we will also walk next to you every step of the way.



We are very passionate about our clients, and take great pride in a thoughtful bedside manner. As Gerry Spence says, how can we expect our juries to care about our clients if we do not?

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