We help the accused by listening, preparing, protecting, and caring.

 The Law Offices of Maureen Williams has been zealously representing defendants in the Illinois area since 1993. Ms. Williams tirelessly works hard to secure the best possible outcome. She will gather the evidence, do a painstaking review of the evidence, and put together a winning strategy to obtain a tremendous result. Results matter and Ms. Williams works until she is happy with the result, however long it takes. Proud to never have called herself a prosecutor, Ms. Williams will not spend her time trying to convince you to plead guilty. Instead, she spends her time convincing the prosecutor of the weakness of their case against you, or ultimately the jury.

In a world where you can’t be sure if you are being told the truth, you can be sure of one thing — Ms. Williams is a straight-shooter — she will put the time in, dig in, sift through the details plus be upfront with you at all stages. She takes her role as advocate very seriously.

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