Offenses Against People​

Criminal Sexual Cases 

To be charged with a criminal sex case is embarrassing and frightening.  With that said, the prosecutors are still looking intently at your attorney, more than at you.  They want to know what kind of fight they will endure, if any. We, at The Law Offices of Maureen Williams, will listen to you, prepare your case, protect you… because we are a firm that cares. We don’t believe in just preparing you for a plea… we prepare for trial. 

Assault, Battery, Aggravated Assault

Assault is generally charged as a misdemeanor and aggravated assault as a felony. An assault is an intentional act whereby the offender creates fear in another of harm. Battery is the harm, or when the physical contact is insulting or provoking.  Assault and battery are usually charged as misdemeanors, whereas aggravated assault is generally charged as a felony. You will need a lawyer to listen carefully to the facts and present a defense. Just because the government says that a crime was committed, does not mean it was.  Call today to set up an appointment. We will help you. 309-999-1177