Motions before sentencing

Did your trial lawyer do less than an adequate job in presenting your case? Representing you?  Do you feel that your calls were ignored, your case put on the back burner?  That you didn’t matter?  And now you are to sit next to him and watch him work as you face sentencing?  Call us today. 309-999-1177.  We can help.  We help many persons in your shoes.  It is not too late to get a decent result.  But you must preserve the record now if you want relief.  It is urgent that you call as soon as possible.  We, at the Law Offices of Maureen Williams, will scramble to undo the damage.  We will get the transcripts of proceedings, talk with you, really listen, and then figure out a game plan to move forward.  You do not want to be in a position where you could have had relief but are denied because you did not preserve the record. Call us today to explain


It is not too late to change attorneys.  If you feel your trial attorney did not adequately represent you, we can step in and vigorously argue to the state and/or judge for a lenient sentence.  Call today.

Direct Appeal to the Illinois Court of Appeals

In Illinois, a defendant has thirty days to appeal a conviction. (ADirect appeal.@) The thirty day period begins after day of sentencing. Usually, after a guilty plea, bench finding of guilt, or guilty verdict by jury, your lawyer will file motions to withdraw the plea if requested, or motion for a new trial. Oftentimes, the court will first hear the post plea or post verdict motions and then proceed directly to sentencing. To preserve the appeal, a defendant must file a notice of appeal within thirty (30) days of sentencing, as the sentencing date is when the verdict, finding, or plea becomes a Aconviction. However, if the plea you entered was fully negotiated (sentence or non-sentence agreed upon) then the date of sentencing is the same as the date you entered the plea. 

Ms. Williams has been writing criminal appellate briefs since 1993. From her very first appeal resulting in a reversal, to the present, Ms. Williams has always written her own briefs, and argued her own cases. She is after results. The Law Offices of Maureen Williams will raise every issue that could lead to a victory. Ms. Williams will not recommend an appeal to the Illinois Court of Appeals unless a review of your case supports the conclusion that it is strong enough to bring an appeal, and that a win is possible. 

Post-conviction relief after sentencing/direct appeal

When you missed the deadline to appeal, when your lawyer talked you out of appealing, when you know you should not be in the position you are in, give us a call.  We can help.  We will review your case and decide if your case is worth pursuing.  When all other lawyers have given up on you, call us.

Petitions to revoke

Is the state attempting to revoke your probation? Court supervision?  It is only the state=s attempt.  The petition is a starting point.  It is the start of the fight.  Call us today.  We can help.  We will work tirelessly to convince a judge to keep you on probation or court supervision.