Since 1993, The Law Offices of Maureen Williams has been vigorously representing those charged with crimes, from murder, to violent crimes, to misdemeanors, to DUIs. We help those accused of all crimes by listening, preparing, protecting, and caring.

Fresh out of law school and clerking in the early 90s, Ms. Williams began her legal career as a solo in Minneapolis.  Her first case, a murder trial in ’94, resulted in a hung jury.  Since then, The Law Offices of Maureen Williams has helped numerous persons accused of crimes.

At the Law Offices of Maureen Williams, you can be assured that you will be heard. Every fact will be noted, and every possible issue will be raised. The attention to detail exhibited at The Law Offices of Maureen Williams is what leads to success at trial or in plea negotiations.  We enlist your help, as you know the facts.  We do not believe we can adequately represent you if we do not know the facts as well as you do.  You will be asked to become a team player.

Call The Law Offices of Maureen Williams to schedule an appointment. We are in the business of selling hope.