If you are charged with a felony, the Law Offices of Maureen Williams can help. Whether you are facing a murder charge or a felony obstructing justice charge, the procedure we follow is the same– prepare, prepare, prepare. From her first murder trial in 1994 that resulted in a hung jury, to the present date, Ms. Williams understands that it is the attention to detail and listening to her clients that make all the difference. Ms. Williams understands the stress that a felony charge brings. She will learn the facts from you, ask you to continue recalling the facts, gather the discovery against you, gather our own evidence, go over all evidence with you as well as review your charge(s) and the law with you, in order to determine the strength of your case. Ms. Williams, a straight shooter, will not sugarcoat anything. She will also not scare you into hiring her or pressure you into entering a plea. The Law Offices of Maureen Williams believes that its main role is to advise you of your options, only after knowing every detail of your case. Ms. Williams always has an eye to preserve your criminal record in the best light possible, so that your future is not jeopardized. Ms. Williams is after results, not in a race to clear her calendar. The results she gains by tenaciously and tirelessly working toward her goal is the reason her clients are pleased with her services.