The Only Lawyer I’ve Had That Shows She Cares

Maureen Williams helped me where 2 other nearby lawyers failed miserably.  My fiancee performed an online search for excellent DUI attorneys and found her.  I was facing 2 years in the DOC for a probation violation for a .09 DUI and marijuana residue.  The end result was 10 days in the county jail.  Without Maureen it would have been a rough 2 years for my children, my fiancee and I.    Posted by Ren, 2/17/14

Outstanding Attorney

I consider myself extremely lucky to have found Maureen Williams to have handled my case.  She was extremely professional and was great at keeping me informed from beginning to end.  I can’t thank you enough Ms. Williams for the outcome!!  She will fight hard for you and always be available when you call.  I highly recommend this attorney with 5 stars!!  Thanks again MJM  Posted by MJM, 3/24/14

Only one that believed in me

For almost 20 years I have been in prison for a murder I didn’t commit.  During that time I have seen and talked to many attorneys.  Maureen was the only one that believed in me and my case.  While in prison I have read approximately 100 appeals.  By far the best one of the lot was the one she wrote for me.  Some of the things I find attractive about Maureen is that she is a hard worker.  Her style of writing is easy for a layman to read, in that she does not put a lot of legalese in an appeal and writes coherently about the facts.  She is very articulate and will readily voice her opinions and thoughts on a case.  One major reason I paid her to do my appeal was she won an appeal for a person I knew.  My own appeal was recently denied and I still feel this way about Maureen.  I have retained Maureen to appeal the denial of my habeas corpus petition.  The appeal was granted and still pending.  Posted by Bill Helenbolt, Minneapolis

Always willing to work as hard as necessary to complete the job

I recently hired Maureen Williams to prepare a petition for postconviction relief for one of my clients.  Because of her thorough, able, and speedy work we were able to win the case.  I believe Maureen to be an honest, direct, experienced lawyer who is always willing to work as hard as necessary to complete the job.  She really cares about her clients and she is wonderful to work with.  I highly recommend this highly qualified lawyer.  Posted by Timothy Zak, Minneapolis




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